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In the Shree Saisachcharita, Shree Sainath says to His dearest bhakta, 

Dattasarikhe Poojya Daivat, Asata Sahaja Maargi Tishthat,
Abhaagi Jo Darshanavarjit, Mee Kaay Paavata Tayaasi. 

(If You Decide To Skip The  (Darshana) Of The Most Revered And Adorable Deity Like Datta, Who Stands Waiting For You, That Too Right On Your Path, You Are Truly Unfortunate. And In Such A Situation, How Do You Expect That I Grace You?) 

Shree Sainath, The Master Of My  (Annamaya Kosha), My Guru, Who Guides, Uttered These Words That Signify The Course Of My Mission, As Also The Unshakable Faith And Commitment At The Feet Of Shreegurudatta, The Master Of My (Anandamaya Kosha) Guru, My Master. 

Vishwamitra, The Sage, Who Taught The Two Great Arts Of Balaa And Atibalaa To Prabhu Ramachandra, The Maryaadaapurushottama, For The Purpose Of His Mission, Was Also The One To Render The Gayatri Mantra  (Siddha) For The Entire Universe. 


Prabhu Ramachandra Regularly Recited The Gayatri Mantra At Dawn. 
Bhagavana Shrikrishna Says  Gayatri Chandasaam Aham
Among The  (Chanda), I Am Gayatri. My Vatsalyaguru Shree Gayatrimata Govern (VigyanmayKosh).



In The Yuddhakaanda Of The Valmiki Ramayana, All The Gods And Goddesses Come To Bhagavana Shrirama And Say, ""O Shrirama! You Are The Creator Of The Universe, You Pervade All And Everything, You Are The Best, The Supreme Among The Learned And You Are The Greatest Among The Gods, You Are Mahavishnu.'' 

To That, Shrirama Said,

"Aatmanam Maanusha Manye,
Raamam Dasharathatmajam.'' 

(Segment 117, Hymn 11, Yuddhakanda) 

(Listen, O Gods, I Consider Myself To Be None Other Than Dasharatha's Son Rama, Who Is A Human Being.)

If The Lord And Master Of My Manomaya Kosha And My Guru, Who Is The Subject Or The Doer, Utters These Words With Confidence And Conviction, Need I Say Anything About Myself?



Mahaprana Shree Hanumanta says to Prabhu Shree Ramachandra,

Dehabuddhya Tu Dasoham
Jivabuddhya Tvadamshakam
Atmabuddhya Tvamevaham
Iti Me Nishchita Mati. 

(From The Gross Physical Point Of View, I Am Your Server, From The Subtle Point Of View, I Am A Derivative Of The Completeness That You Are. At The Innmost, The Ultimate Level, You And I Are One, So I Firmly Believe.) 

The Lord And Master Of My Pranamaya Kosha, Who Is Also My Protector Guru, Shree Hanumanta Finds Fulfilment And Joy In Calling Himself The Server Of Prabhu Shree Ramachandra, And I, Aniruddha, Ascertain With Pride That My Mission And Life Task Finds Fulfilment In Humbling Myself Before And Serving This Server. 



Soduniya Lakh Chaturai, Smaraa Nirantar Sai Sai,
Beda Paar Hoil Paahi, Sandeha Kaahi Na Dharaava 

(Drop All Reason And Your Ego. Keep Evoking Sai, Keep Recalling Sai To The Mind. You Can Then Be Sure That You Will Sail Through The Stormy Seas Of The Material World. Have No Doubt In Your Mind)

The Composer Of The Saisachcharita Expounds The Significance Of The Name Of Sai. Shree Sainath Became The Support, The Protector And The Refuge Of Millions, The Sap Of Their Life.  

"Bhaktakanava Babanchi Vaani, Vadati Zaali Ati Leenapani,
Daasaanudaas Mee Tumcha Runi, Nighaalo Darshani Tumchya.
Hee Ek Tumchich Krupa Mothi, Zaali Maja Tumche Paayanchi Bheti,
Kida Mee.............., Dhanya Mee Srushti Teneni". 

(Baba's Words, Full Of Compassion For The Bhaktas, Pour Forth In Nobility And Humility. 'I Bow Before You, I Am Endebted To You. I Am Here For Your Sake, In Fact To Have Your Darshana . It Is Actually Your Grace That I Could See Your Feet. I Am A Lowly Creature, But I Feel Fulfilled In This Creation Because Of You.)

That Is Parabrahma Sadguru Shree Sai's Modesty,Humility, Unpretentiousness And His Great Unassuming Manners. If Saisamartha, The Master Of My  (Annamaya Kosha) My Guru, Who Guides And Directs, Pronounces The Above Words, I Assert That I Have No Right To Talk About My Immensity Or Prominence. 


Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation (the Foundation) is a ‘not-for-profit’ charitable institution incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, in April 2005, with the blessings and inspiration of Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu (Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi - MD. Medicine, Mumbai). Since the time of its inception, apart from pursuing its principal objects of setting up Upasana Centres across the length and breadth of the country and abroad and propagating the spiritual teachings and preaching of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha, the Foundation, alongwith its sister organizations, such as Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak (SAAP), Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM), etc. also undertake various socio-cultural activities, under the divine blessings and guidance Sadguru Shree Aniruddha.

Key Objects:

Following are some of the other key objects of the Foundation:

1. Undertaking a comparative study of all religions and promoting and nurturing a sense of Universal Brotherhood.

2. In the event of any natural or manmade disasters, occurring anywhere in the world, providing support by way of assisting in any relief measures and in providing humanitarian services.

3. Building up a vast force of young volunteers across the length and breadth of the country - during peacetime, these volunteers will provide back-up to the local authorities in the event of any disasters, whether natural or manmade, and in the event of any foreign aggression, they will offer their services unconditionally to the Government of India for the protection of the motherland.

4. Establishing charitable dispensaries, old age homes, child welfare centers for the benefit of the general public, more particularly the poor and needy, irrespective of religion, caste, creed and sect.

5. Undertaking and promoting the research and analysis of various ancient Indian Sciences and other streams of knowledge, such as the Govind Vidya, Gopala Vidya and Balavidya.

6. Establishing Prayer Halls, Meditation Centres, Anaathaashrayas, Shrines and the like.

7. Encouraging and promoting studies of the ancient Indian scriptures and the Sanskrit language.

8. Promoting the integration and confluence of the various Indian and foreign languages.

9. Working towards the eradication of illiteracy in the country and elsewhere in the world by undertaking relevant projects, including providing books, clothing, equipment and any other facilities as are consistent with the promotion of education and eradication of illiteracy.

10. Guiding people at large, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion, in achieving self awakening at all three levels, i.e. body, mind and intellect.

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s preachings and teachings emanate from two fundamental principles and values - Adhyaatma (spirituality with Bhakti as the fulcrum) and Aadhaar (sustained support) - with bhakti being the common thread binding the two. Bhakti, in turn, has two facets to it - Shraddha-Bhakti and Seva-Bhakti. Bapu says that Bhakti becomes meaningful only when a person treads the path of Seva. In fact the line of thinking of Shraddha-Bhatki and Seva-Bhakti is the basic nature of Bapu. These principles are constantly and at all times active. Bapu does not have to do anything deliberate in order to practice the principles of Shraddha-Bhatki and Seva-Bhakti. It is a way of life for Him. It is impossible to separate and remove these values and principles from His life. The principle of Aadhaar is embodied in the first charitable organization that was set up by Bapu way back in the early nineties - Dilasa Medical Trust & Rehabilitation Centre. The word Dilasa itself means Aadhaar.

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha preachings and teachings cover a very broad spectrum, encompassing all aspects of our lives, be it family life, social and cultural aspects, governance, etc. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s preachings and teachings can be accessed from a range of sources; be they from His discourses over the past 14 years, many of which are in public domain, His earliest works - ‘Tadaatmanam Srujamyaham’ and ‘Aavaahanam Na Jaanaami’ (both in Marathi), the three volumes of the Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj, viz. ‘Satya Pravesh’ (available in Marathi, English, Hindi and Gujarati), ‘Prem Pravaas’ (available in Marathi, English and Hindi) and ‘Anand Saadhanaa’ (available in Marathi), His editorials on a range of topics in His capacity as the Executive Editor of the Marathi - Hindi bilingual daily PRATYAKSHA and last but not the least His exhaustive treatise on Sunderkand, again through the columns of PRATYAKSHA, offer a veritable treasure trove that provides answers to virtually all questions that haunt and confront us with regard to all aspects of our lives.

Shree Aniruddha Upasana is performed by groups of bhaktas of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha, who assemble together once a week, generally on Saturdays. Each such group is known as a Upasana Centre. There are 634 such centres spread across the country and the globe. While it is not mandatory for performing Upasana in a group, performing Upasana in a group produces a multiplier effect of the vibrations generated by each bhakta, such that each bhakta get the benefit of the aggregate vibrations generated by the group performing the Upasana. This is a science that has been discovered and perfected in the ancient times by the rishis, who were accomplished scientists in their own right. People who are located in far flung places, that do not afford the opportunity of coming together in groups at weekly intervals, can perform the Upasana at their respective residences. The Upasana has a reverence code and a specified sequence (How to perform Upasana). The Upasana, it must be understood, is distinct from the daily prayers that we say or chant.

Under this yojana, SAUF & SSAUT provides free lunch to children from schools in Adivasi areas and municipal schools. This is made possible by sponsors / donors who donate rice, wheat, pulses and oil. Presently, lunch is being served to approximately 2000 students across 16 different schools.

This unique project involves the making of Lord Ganesh idols from Paper pulp. These idols are made from shredded, discarded newspapers and cardboards. They disintegrate easily upon submersion as compared to idols made of plaster-of-paris. A notable aspect is that, paints used are non-toxic thus controlling pollution immensely. This year the organization targets 10,000 idols all over Maharashtra.

It is indeed sad that even in today’s time lepers carry a social stigma. The organization imparts education and provides guidance to lepers so that they earn their own livelihood and eventually get absorbed in the social mainstream. Food grains and clothing are distributed to such people on a regular basis. Such work is being carried out jointly by SAUF & SSAUT at Ratnagiri and Borivali. Sports material is distributed to their children, as others do not generally accommodate them for playing.

Volunteers of SAUF and SSAUT regularly visit mental asylums at Thane, Pune and Ratnagiri along with resident doctors and attend to patient with varying ailments. Work is also going on in orphanages at Kolhapur and Mumbai, which is an aim at providing daily necessities and regular medical checkup, imparting physical fitness and teaching them to say their prayers.

The volunteers of the organization are actually aiding the staff of TATA Memorial Hospital and Nair Hospital in their day to day work. The scope of work at the TATA hospital includes:

· Registration of patients in registration department.

· Guiding outstation patients by filling their railway forms, assisting them in terms of availing the available facilities.

· Directing patients to various wards.

· Helping boost the moral of patients during play therapy and radio/chemo therapy. In thee Nair hospital, volunteers accompany lonely patients and support them morally.

· Cleanliness programs are undertaken at Municipal and Governmental hospitals, where the entire hospital premises, including stairs, toilets, wards, corridors etc. are thoroughly dusted, scrubbed and cleaned.

Through this project SAUF and SSAUT, with the help of trained doctors, offers free medical aid to the poor and under privileged in Mumbai. The mobile Medical Van tours various slum areas in Mumbai undertaking medical checkup on regular basis and distributing free medicines wherever essential.

The organizations collect old (but not torn) clothes, old utensils, old text books, and blank pages of note books (to bind them in new note books) and old toys (non battery operated). These articles are then distributed to the families of poor students so as to encourage them to send their children to school. The clothes and utensils so collected are also being distributed to the people affected by natural or manmade disasters.

SAUF and SSAUT jointly distribute blank (old & new) notebooks to needy and poor students with an intention that no child should deprived of education. These notebooks are distributed at the beginning of a new academic year. This year we have distributed nearly 40,000 notebooks jointly covering 6,500 students all over Maharashtra.


Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation (SAUF) was incorporated as a charitable organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, in April 2005. From the time of its inception apart from pursuing its principal object of carrying out the Upasana of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, SAUF alongwith its sister organizations such as Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak (SAAP), Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM), etc. all of which are registered charitable organizations, has undertake various socio-cultural activities, with the divine blessings and inspiration of Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, prominent among which are enumerated herein below:

· Free mid-day meals provided to nearly 4000 students across 31 different schools in the rural areas

· managed entirely by dedicated volunteers of the Foundation

· Free mid-day meals provided once a year during mega medical camp to nearly 40000 people, including nearly 7500 school children.

· Significant improvement seen in health and attendance levels of students

· Idols of Lord Ganesh made from Paper Pulp replacing Plaster of Paris

· Paper pulp generated from shredded paper of completed ‘Ramnaam’ notebooks

· Non-toxic paints used

· Idols disintegrate very quickly and are bio-degradable – zero threat of pollution
· Being conducted for the past five years in the backward areas of Kolhapur

· 2008 camp covered 16300 villagers, including 7634 students from over 200 villages

· Methodical approach and follow up has seen sharp decline in common ailments

· 2866 units of blood collected in a single day in Mega Blood donation camp on May 4, 2008 involving 23 reputed blood banks

· Total of 6059 units collected during 2007 from 68 camps

· Audio Cassettes/CDs based on the academic curriculum are prepared and given to the visually challenged students of various blind school and colleges

· More than 30,000 (thirty thousand) CDs and 3000 CDs distributed to various schools and institutions, free of cost

· CDs and cassettes recorded in 11 Indian languages not only for school study material but also for post-graduation and vocational courses.

· Till date, nearly 65,000 students have benefited from this project

· 1,00,000 notebooks distributed free every year to needy students



“The Ramrajya means the reign, the kingdom and the general circumstances (the ‘Rajya’) that Shreeram gave to Ayodhya. Moulding the people on the lines of the subjects of Ayodhya; to make of them, what the citizens of Ayodhya were; creating a society and social order like Ayodhya had, grooming every single individual from this point of view leading to a corresponding response from the human community in its entirety - that is what the Ramrajya means”

“When the subjects (the people of the kingdom) are happy, they are not sad, not miserable, not helpless, not starved or hungry, they are not targets for abuse and contempt, they are not kicked around, the reign or the prevailing state is called the Ramrajya”, said Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu in His special discourse on 6th May 2010 as he spoke about the Ramrajya, His dream, His aim, His word and His motto, all for His friends’ sakes - our sakes.

And so we understand that the Ramrajya is as much a ‘state of affairs’ at the general level as it is a ‘state of mind’ (mind as in mental capacities, inner resources of a person) at the particular level. This is a destination, a situation we have to attain and so ushering in the Ramrajya calls for committed and consistent effort at both the individual and the collective levels.

The journey to the Ramrajya is also of utmost important as it means approaching the Ramrajya. What should we do while on the journey?

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu guides us, grooms us and prepares us for this beautiful occurrence.

The Ramrajya will be experienced at the following five levels and so necessitates preparation at all the five levels.
The personal or the individual level
Our near and dear ones who truly love us.
The social level.
The level of the dharma.(Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu defines dharma in His work ‘Satyapravesh’, the first of the three volumes of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj as ‘the principle assumes and helps to preserve humanness in the outer and inner world of man and that is the very basis of intrinsically normal and natural human life’)
At the level of Bharatvarsha and the establishment of the Ramrajya at the universal level.

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu announced the following projects that ensure growth and preparation to usher in the Ramrajya or rather to arrive at this state. 

Aniruddha’s Institute of Language and Linguistics
Aniruddha’s Institute of Grameen Vikas
The Exponent group of Journals for MBAs
The Exponent group of Journals for professional medicine
The Exponent group of Journals for general medical information
The Exponent group of Journals for chartered accountants
The Exponent group of Journals for teachers
The Exponent group of Journals for shares and stock market
The Exponent group of Journals for general engineering
The Exponent group of Journals for information technology
The Exponent group of Journals for Electronics
Aniruddha’s Institute of alternative energy resources
Aniruddha’s Laboratory for Pollution control and environmental protection
Aniruddha’s Institute of Sports & Bonsai Sports.

Apart from the above he also announced
The Shree Rana-chandika Prapatti for men and the Shree Mangal-chandika Prapatti for women (Prapatti is surrender that relieves of disaster or calamity), that will strengthen them and make of them both, soldiers at the worldly and the spiritual plane.and
The Chandika Exaltation Army for Resuscitation and Rehabilitation with its basic mission of the rejuvenation of the unique strengths of the excellent Indian culture and of their impacts and of course regaining for them their due glorious status

Together, the new projects are actually a perspective or a lifestyle that we need to adopt as part of the journey to the Ramrajya.

To sum up simply, at the personal level, offering 24 minutes out of 24 hours to God, the Chandika upasana – the prapatti once a year apart from the regular recitation of the Gurukshetram mantra apart from the simple and easy changes in our daily lives will assure us of the citizenship of the Ramrajya, it will make us legitimately entitles to the entry permit so to say of this terrain.

“With firm belief and love in your heart, hold on to the faith that I am your well-wisher, a well-wisher who strives and toils for your well being and without the slightest expectation from you….” says the One who is going to take us along, to this wonderful state, ‘a world that He will fill with happiness and abound with joy all that be in it’, a reality that He dreamed for us and the Truth that He will realize for us. Yes, the Ramrajya will happen, 108%


For man the world over, this present moment, here and now, seems engulfed in mist, a mist rendered thicker by the fumes of guns and grenades. Take the Indian citizen. There were bomb blasts in trains, at stations, in taxis; now the perpetrators are bolder, they enter residential buildings and gun down hundreds in hotels.

As of the year 2008, we have begun to talk ‘war’. But then do we realize that we are already suffering war? Do we know that war is now neither restricted to the boundaries nor fought only between armies of nations? That there is biological and chemical warfare and synthetic rain is a weapon? That neither 9/11 in the USA nor the 26/11 in Mumbai are ‘isolated’ incidents of national concern, they are drumbeats of war, the third world war?

Taking war to be a vent of political discord and a decision of ruling authorities, and also a ‘sudden and unexpected manifestation of secret schemes’, the common man misses out cues of war in happenings around. But then, if we, the common people, are going to bear the direct brunt of war, we must be able to connect with the present moment, with the truth of it. We must understand political developments across the globe, as moves in one nation have repercussions on others. That is how we will ‘see’, become aware, and ably prepare. That is how the mist will clear.

A unique work, ‘The Third World War’, a need of the hour, strikingly relevant to the present times, does it for us. Authored by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi, M.D. (Medicine), a consulting Rheumatologist and the editor of the leading Marathi   daily ‘Pratyaksha’, this is a consolidation of a series of articles that He wrote for the daily in March 2006. Fondly called ‘Aniruddha Bapu’ by millions of His followers, His pen has touched all aspects that concern values and well-being of man. He claims to be a simple, common human being, ‘one among you’ as He puts it; but millions consider Him their God, their Father, their true Friend, their Sadguru.

Written out of concern for ‘friends’ the world over, and to acquaint them with at least 2% of what the world war means, this work is on a mission: firstly to wake us up to the fact that it is war, to equip us to understand the political scenario and prepare. As for India, our motherland, it has a role to play; and the Indian, also a citizen of the world, must know it, do it and our time has already started because ‘Concealed behind her veil of calm, the witch that is the third world war, is already knocking at the door’.

On a journey, we connect with the past - the two world wars that happened and thus equipped, reflect over the times to come. Studying the present in this light, we see the similarities in the ambitions and strategies of Hitler, Osama and Saddam Hussein. Similar minds with a similar set of cards would make similar moves would they not? The point is to spot the pattern but also to know that the ‘new avataar of Hitler’ is quite another!

The work does not ‘tell the future’, it is a research into the phenomenon of war, the characters and props on the stage of the world set for the event of war, its likely design and the sequence. Statements about the coming times like ‘.... There is no doubt that over the next 20-25 years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and on every region on earth.’.... ‘the calendar of the coming war will be a new one every day.’ are part of factual study. However, the work stands firm by statements that ‘though he was declared dead by official sources of the Al Qaeda and the USA, Abu Musab Al Zarquawi, will indeed emerge a radical commander of the third world war.

At any given point, we get to see moves as part of an entire chessboard, the globalscape so to say. We note how the trouble is never localized, it radiates and how the world feels the repercussions. To cite an example we quote: ‘A triad  - China, Pakistan and North Korea - that could prove dangerous to the world, especially to the USA, has emerged.’

China has imperialist ambitions of expanding its map and to first establish sway in Asia it is wooing Asian countries. They are eager to welcome it in SAARC India being the only factor that stands in its way. Its wish to enhance relations with India is a facade, for it is promoting terrorism in India’s north-eastern area. 

Pakistan is referred to as the apple of China’s eye, its foster son, its right hand. Most terrorist organizations and their activities can be traced to Pakistan, says the 9/11 commission. Now, the stand that this country has taken vis-à-vis the terror attacks on Mumbai and the continual denial of evidence that obviously indicates its involvement, its withdrawal of troops from the Afghan border, the fact that it thought of China in this critical hour and struck a deal with it only endorse its intimacy with China and its persistent crafty attitude towards India.

North Korea, a puppet in China’s hands, will naturally comply with China’s wish. Also, the stately road to North Korea passes through Pakistan but originates in China. So the work convinces because it talks facts all along and connects them for us on the global jigsaw. We even read the likely design of the third world war: ‘The war between Israel and Palestine will be the point of origin and sparks will then spurt out in all directions’, says the work, backing up the statement with a complete study of the history of these nations. Eventually the terrorist forces will align on one side and the super powers on the other. The air attacks - the ‘all out’ war by Israel against the Hamas as we know, has indeed begun.

Now very much in the news, is Asia -2025, a report by defense analysts and experts at the Pentagon that casts China as an empire with expansionist intentions and a persistent competitor of the USA. Other scenarios envisaged in it are the rise of India as a major power that could be a “potential partner of choice for the United States and the disintegration of Pakistan after the war with India. The words, “The Indian Army moves in to restore order and establish control and an Indian Confederation emerges” also point to the major role that India, a power to reckon with, will play in the times to come

Again a fact we have already come across in ‘The Third World War’ and we quote: ‘....this is where the Indian culture will step in and offer rescue to both parties....What is most important is that the task of salvaging the world on all fronts as also that of its post-war rehabilitation will in all probability fall to India’s lot.’

It is more than two and a half years since the articles appeared in March 2006. Major events on the political scene ever since, or their indication find mention or explanation in the work, be it the war between Israel and Palestine, the increased instances of violence, India’s position in the world or even vis-à-vis China, Pakistan and the USA.

With war emerging as an inevitable event and technology now at its sophisticated ‘best’, weaponry becomes an essential part of this work because preparatory and protective measures are most effective if the nature and source of disaster is known. And so we read about chemical, biological, space and guerilla warfare along with desert and naval warfare. This, as is clarified, is to educate and competently face.

The inside flap of the back cover has a very reassuring message: “I stand to avoid or at least minimize the cruelty and destruction that is coming closer.”- words of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi.

War is inevitable. What then can change? The way we respond to it can water down the horror of war. 

Can the common man at all do anything? Will it make a difference? The answer to these questions calls forth the tool that this work activates within - the consciousness of strength, of an ability to break out of passivity or apathy as a common person; and we connect with special editorials by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, which are in a way, sequels to this work. He talks of what the Indian citizen ought to do here on, as also of the changes that need to be made to strengthen the nation; ‘the satyagraha committed to co-operation’ that went on to give specific guidelines as to how simple it is to voice your say, to communicate with those in power., how the people are the decision makers in a democracy and that they can the politicians, who owe their power to the people.

So the mission continues 
The most fabulous aspect of this work is that it does not end when we shut it. It becomes part of us, constantly keeping active, ‘a certain tool’ within. And so the work ‘The Third World War’ will not be on your bookshelf to become just another part of your collection. This is a major work for reference you will keep reaching out for, a study that you will need to keep going back to. A work beyond its physical hard covers, beyond time and beyond boundaries of nations.

Monday, July 30, 2012

चिन्मय पादुका पूजन म्हणजेच नवविधा भक्ती

श्रवण - कीर्तन - विष्णुस्मरण |
चरणसेवन - अर्चन - वंदन |
दास्य - सख्य - आत्मनिवेदन |
भक्ती हे  जाण नवविधा || ९५ || 

(श्री साई सतचरित्र अध्याय २१ वा.)

हरी ओम

सदगुरू बापू कृपेने आपण श्रद्धावानांना श्रावण महिन्यात सदगुरूंच्या चिन्मय पादुकांचे पूजन घरोघरी करता येते. मुळात हा पवित्र महिना श्रवण भक्तीसाठी प्रसिद्ध त्यात असा योग म्हणजे तर दुधात साखरच जणू.  पादुका पूजन करताना आपल्या हातून सहजपणे आणि अतिशय प्रेमाने त्या परमात्म्याची अर्चन भक्ती घडते जेव्हा भक्त प्रेमाने त्या सदगुरूला अष्टगंध लावून सुगंधीत अत्तराचे चर्चन करतो. त्याचप्रमाणे हात जोडून श्लोक म्हणताना तसेच लोटांगण घालताना वंदन भक्तीही घडते. आपल्या सदगुरू चरणी तुळशी पत्रे व बिल्व पत्रे अर्पण करताना जेव्हा जप करतो तेव्हा स्मरण भक्तीसह श्रवण भक्ती तर चालूच असते. पादुका पूजन म्हणजेच तर चरण सेवन आणि त्या समोर आपण आरती व गजर म्हणतो तेव्हा कीर्तन भक्तीचाही लाभ पदरात पडतो. गुरू ब्रह्मा गुरू विष्णू मंत्र तसेच बापूंचा ध्यान मंत्र म्हणून आपण त्याचे दास्यत्व स्वीकारतो तेव्हाच  हा अनिरुद्ध कृष्ण बनून आपला सखा होतो व आपल्याकडून सख्य भक्तीही करवून घेतो. 

जेव्हा मी लोणी साखर व केशर पाणी त्याला नैवेद्य म्हणून अर्पण करतो तेव्हा मी माझा त्रीदेह्च त्याच्या चरणी समर्पित केलेला असतो. असा माझा प्रेमळ बाप मला आत्मानिवेदानोत्तर सख्य देवून त्याच्या जवळ "गोकुळात" नेण्यास तत्पर होतो. पादुका पूजन करण्याच्या एका निश्चयाने बघा मला कित्येक पटीने पुण्य पदरात पडते ही त्याचीच कृपा म्हणून मला फक्त त्याच्या चरणांचीच आस आहे बापू मला फक्त तुझाच ध्यास आहे. 

श्री राम 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

वदावे अनिरुद्ध सेवावे अनिरुद्ध - हाच जीवनाचा खरा मार्ग

प्यारे ! जरा तो मनमे बिचारो ; क्या साथ लाये अब ले चालोगे |

जावे यही साथ सदा पुकारो , अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ||

नारी धरा - धाम सुपुत्र प्यारे ,सन्मित्र सद्वाम्धव द्रव्य सारे |

कोई न साथी , हरीको पुकारो ,अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ||

नाता भला क्या जगसे हमारा , आये यहा क्यो ? कर क्या रहे हो |

सोचो बिचारो , हरीको पुकारो , अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ||

सच्चे सखा हरी ही हमारे , माता पिता स्वामी सुबंधू प्यारे |

भुलो न भाई दिन - रात गावो , अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ! अनिरुद्ध ||

हरी ओम 

सजाण झाल्यापासून आपल्याला स्वताचे आयुष्य आपल्या मनाप्रमाणे जगावेसे वाटते. आज पर्यंत शाळेत , ज्युनिअर कोलेज मध्ये जी बंधने होती ती झुगारून देवून स्वच्छंद वाट चोखाळण्याचा मोह होतो. मनावरील मर्यादेचा अंकुश नाहीसा झाला की ते मन बेबंद हत्तीसारखे बेधुंद होवून जाते. शेवटी मनाच्या आधीन जातो तोच तर मानव असतो जो सोपे पर्याय निवडून आयुष्य सुखासीन करण्यासाठी धडपडत असतो. पण खरे सुख नक्की कशात मानायचे......... का सुख हे नेहमी मानण्यावरच असते. तर कधी एकाचे दु:ख हे दुस-यासाठीचे सुख ठरू शकते. नश्वर जीवानातील  शाश्वत सुख शोधण्यासाठी सर्वांचा आटापिटा चालू असतो पण जे पाहिजे ते मृगजलासारखे हुलकावण्या देत राहते. मग ह्याला पर्याय काय .... ? आम्ही चांगले वागलो काय किंवा वाईट वागलो काय , आमच्या नशिबी हे असेच येणार का - अशा विचारसरणीकडे मन झुकले की मग अजूनच प्रोब्लेम !! 

ह्या सगळ्याचे उत्तर एकच - माझा बापू , एकदा का ह्याला आपले मानले की त्याचे सदगुरू रूप आपल्या जीवनात कार्य करू लागते. आद्य पिपादादा म्हणतात त्याप्रमाणे मला पर्याय दोनच असतात आयुष्यात , एक तर मी बापूचा होईन किंवा बापुडा. निवड मला करायची असते. मी बापूचा होण्यासाठी मला फक्त प्रेमाने त्यास सदगुरू म्हणून स्वीकारायचे आणि स्वताचे आयुष्य मार्यादामार्गीय बनून जगायचे हीच त्याची आमच्याकडून अपेक्षा असते. येथे बाकी  देवाण घेवाण करण्याची काही गरजच नसते कधी की मला तू प्रमोशन मिळवून दे नोकरीत मग मी तुला हे देतो.......मला अमुकच कोलेजला अडमिशन मिळू देत मग तुला ते देतो. कारण तो तर द्यायलाच बसलेला आहे .जशी ज्याची पात्रता तसे त्याला माप. ह्या उप्पर तो स्वताचा हात त्या देण्यामागे ठेवतो तेव्हा ते माप भर भरून ओसंडून जीवनात वाहू लागते आणि संपूर्ण जीवनच तृप्ती व समाधानाने भरून जाते. पण हे सगळे एखाद्याला पटणार तरी कसे......!!

आपण गणिताचा पेपर सोडवताना एखाद्या उत्तराला दोन पर्याय असतील तर त्यातील पर्याय निवडताना आपल्याला उपजत असलेले ज्ञान व त्यानुसार समीकरणे वापरून तो प्रश्न सोडवतो. कधी ते उत्तर बरोबर येते तर कधी चुकते आणि जेव्हा चुकते तेव्हा आपल्याला कळते की आपण मांडलेली समीकरणे सुद्धा चुकीचीच होती. हीच गोष्ट जेव्हा प्रपंचात घडते तेव्हा चूक सुधारण्यासाठी आपली संधी गमावून बसलेलो असतो आणि ती वेळ टळून गेल्याने आता नव्याने सुरुवात करून नवीन गणित मांडायचे असते. पण हे असे किती वेळा करणे शक्य आहे........आणि प्रत्येक वेळी अगदी बरोबर येणे हे तरी कसे शक्य आहे ??

यासाठी मला आठवते माझ्या सदगुरूने मला दिलेली ग्वाही - " तू आणि मी मिळून शक्य नाही असे या जगात काहीही नाही" .  ह्यातील तू म्हणजे आपण ह्याचे प्रयास करण्यासाठी पहिले पाऊल पडले की लगोलग ह्यातील "मी" म्हणजे माझा सदगुरू कार्यास लागतो पण कधी तर हे प्रयास उचित मार्गाने व पावित्र्य हेच प्रमाण ह्या नियमाने बांधील असतील तेव्हाच. आणि त्याने कार्य सुरू केले की ते सिद्धीस जाण्यास तो कितीसा वेळ लागणार ......  मला समोर दिसलेल्या पर्यायांपैकी काय नकी निवडायचा ह्याचे मार्गदर्शन तो करतो, मला नेहमी यशाचाच मार्ग दाखवतो. हे घडते फक्त एकाच गोष्टीमुळे - जर मी त्याच्याशी अनुसंधान कायम ठेवले तरच. आणि त्याच्याशी अनुसंधान कायम ठेवण्याचा एकच सोपा मार्ग म्हणजे त्याचे नामस्मरण. 

आपण कोणत्याही कंपनीचा मोबाईल वापरला तरी सिमकार्डला नेटवर्क आहे तेव्हाच ना आपला कौल पूर्ण होणार. जर हे मला कळते तर मी नेहमी त्याच्या नेटवर्क मध्ये राहण्यासाठी नामस्मरण करत राहणे आवश्यक आहे. हीच ती दोन वाटापैकी योग्य वाट जी अनेक संत मंडळींनी स्वत: अनुसरली व तसेच वागण्याच बोध आपल्या अभंगातून दिला. ही वाट कधी काट्या कुट्याची दगड गोट्यांची वाटली तरी सोप्या वाटेने जावून मायेच्या समुद्रात बुडण्यापेक्षा नेहमीच सुरक्षित व सहज सोपी असते. 
माझ्या अनिरूद्धांकडे जाणारा प्रत्येक मार्ग हा नेहमीच यश देणारा असतो.

नामस्मरणाबद्दल बोलताना सदगुरू श्री बापू एका प्रवचनात उल्लेख करतात दासोत्तम श्री हनुमंताचा जो सदैव रामनाम जपत असतो. आपण जेव्हा उच्चार करतो तेव्हा ते स्वर आपल्या कानी पडत राहतात मात्र येथे हनुमंत रामनाम जपतोय तरीही त्याच्या कानी मात्र नाम पडते हनुमंत ...हनुमंत.......हनुमंत.. ह्याचा अर्थ जेव्हा भक्त आपल्या इष्ट दैवताचे नाम आळवत असतो तेव्हा देवमात्र त्या भक्ताचे नाम घेत असतो. 

ह्यावरून मी एवढा बोध घेणे  नक्कीच आवश्यक आहे - 

वदावे अनिरुद्ध सेवावे अनिरुद्ध - 
मग कोणी ब्राह्मण असो का क्षुद्र 
शिवाय कोणी अल्लाह - येशू भक्त 
ज्याची असेल श्रद्धा शुद्ध 
उद्धरेल त्यांना माझा अनिरुद्ध 

९ मापदंड व श्रद्धावानांच्या नऊ समान निष्ठा

परम पूज्य बापूंनी दिलेली ९ मापदंड 

१. आन्हिक दररोज दोन वेळा करणे .
२. आन्हिक , रामरक्षा ,सद्गुरुगायत्रीमंत्र , सद्गुरुचलीसा , हनुमानचलीसा , व दत्तबावनी तोंडपाठ असणे व पुस्तकात न बघता म्हणता येणे . चार महिन्यांतून कमीत कमी एक रामनाम वही लिहून पूर्ण करणे व रामनाम बँकेत जमा करणे .
३. बरोबरच्या व हाताखालील सहकार्यांशी उन्मत्तपणे व उद्धटपणे न वागणे . सहकार्यांची किव्हा हाताखालील व्यक्तींची चूक झाल्यास त्यांना जरूर त्याबद्दल ताकीद द्यावी परंतु अपमान करू नये .
४. उपसनांच्या वेळेस त्या स्थळी 
असणा-या   प्रत्येकाने " आपण उपासनांच्या वर आहोत किव्हा आपल्यास उपासनेची आवश्यकता नाही " असे वर्तन करू नये .
५. बोलण्यापेक्षा , बडबडीपेक्षा कोण भक्ती व सेवेच्या कार्यक्रमात किती जीव ओतून सहभागी होतो , हे माझ्या दृष्टीने महत्वाचे आहे .
६. ह्या विश्वामध्ये कुणीही मानव " आपण अद्वितीय आहोत व आपली जागा दुसरा कुणीही घेऊ शकत नाही किंवा आपल्यासारखे कार्य करू शकत नाही " , असे म्हणू शकत नाही व असे कुणीही मानु नये .
७. श्रद्धावानांच्या नऊ समान निष्ठा त्याला मान्य असल्याच पाहिजेत व त्याच्या आचरणातही असल्याच पाहिजेत .
८. चूक झाल्यास चूक सुधारण्याची तयारी पाहिजे .
९. परपीडा कधीच करता कामा नये .
माझ्या लाडक्या श्रद्धावान मित्रांनो , आपल्या समोर श्रीरामचरीताचाच आदर्श असला पाहिजे व त्यामुळे " पावित्र्य हेच प्रमाण " ह्याच मुलभूत सिद्धांतानुसार प्रत्येकाचे आचरण असले पाहिजे व वरील नऊ गोष्टी ज्याच्याकडे नाहीत , तो माझ्या जवळचाच काय , परंतु दुरान्वयाने संबंध असणाराही असू शकत नाही , हा माझा ठाम निश्चय आहे . तुमच्या हातात मी आज " मला काय आवडते व काय आवडत नाही " ह्याचा निश्चित मापदंड दिलेला आहे व हे मापदंड वापरूनच माझ्याशी निगडीत असणारे प्रत्येक कार्य व यंत्रणा राबविले गेले पाहिजेत ...!

श्रद्धावानांच्या नऊ समान निष्ठा --

१) श्रीमदपुरुषार्थ ग्रंथराज

२) हरी ओम

३) गायत्री मंत्र

४) पुनर्जन्माचा सिद्धांत अर्थात कर्माचा अटळ सिद्धांत 

५) त्रिपुरारी त्रिविक्रम चिन्ह 

६) गंगामाता व गोमाता 

७) धार्मिक कार्यप्रसंगी वेष 

(पुरुषांसाठी श्वेत लुंगी , श्वेत झब्बा / सदरा / शर्ट, महिलांसाठी साडी / 

पंजाबी ड्रेस, दोघांसाठीही श्वेत उपरणे आवश्यक )

८) गोवर्धन उदी

९) अनिरुद्ध हाच सर्वोच्च सखा, पिता व त्राता