Monday, July 23, 2012

|| Aniruddha's Principles ||

I am not an avatara, not of anybody. 
I was always Aniruddha, 
and Aniruddha I will always be . 

I am your FRIEND. 

I am the one who SERVES all those 
who love the divine principles 
and have unshakable faith in them.

I am neither a juggler nor a magician. 
I can neither do jugglery nor magic. 
Then what do I have ? 
What I have is LOVE, 
sheer love and love again. 
I have nothing but love. 

I am a WARRIOR. 
I enjoy teaching the art of warfare 
to all those who wish to fight their destiny. 

Purity is indeed the one single decisive norm.

Spirituality along with loving and selfless support.

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